Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mirchi curry - Oops what is this curry ?????

Hey don't get surprised looking at the title of the curry. Believe me or not, even though the name contains Mirchi, once the curry is made, it will not be spicy at all. When I took this curry as my lunch box to my office, my colleagues were stunned when I told that the curry is made of chillies. I found tough time to have them taste the curry...... Any how here goes the recipe. This is also one of my grandmother's recipe and one of my favorites......


8 - 10 Green chillies that we normally use for bajjis....
3 tbsp of dhalia powder
1/2 tsp of ajwain
1/2 tsp of cumin seeds
4 - 5 medium size onions cut chopped into fine pieces.
popu ingredients(chanadal, urad dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chilli pieces and curry leaves)

Procedure: -

Select green chillies that are straight. Usually the one that we use for bajjis. These will be little bigger in size and also less hotter. Wash the green chillies and make a slit on one side of the chillie length wise. Be careful when you are making the slit otherwise you might end up splitting the chillie into two.

Now with the other end of the spoon, slowly try to remove the white seeds inside. My grandma used to say that these seeds add to the hotness of the chillie. So I try my best to remove till the last seed inside the chillie. Once it is done, soak the chillie in salt water. This is again a small effort to remove the hotness. Repeat the same process for all the chillies

Take a wide pan, and roast 1 cup of chana dal(senaga pappu), ajwain and jeera until the leave nice aroma....Let the roasted ingredients be cooled. Once they are cool, grind the roasted ingredients mixing salt per taste. This quantity is used for two purposes in this process. 1/of it for stuffing and rest for powdered gravy.

Now take each chillie that is soaked in salt water, remove any excess water to it. (If needed use a paper towel to dry of the water.) Stuff the inside of the chillie with the dhalia powder(prepared above).

Take a wide pan, put 8 - 10 tsp of oil and let it become hot. Now fry stuffed green chillies in groups depending on how much your pan can fit. See to that the chillies are fried on all sides. Once they are fried on all sides, remove them and keep them aside.

From here it is the usual process. In the same pan with the the left over oil, put the popu. Now add chopped onions, turmeric and fry them for 10 min. Add salt per taste. (The more the onion you put the more gravy will be). Once onions are sauted properly, add fried stuffed chillies and mix it over low flame for 5 more min. Now add rest of the dhalia powder and mix it so that onions, chilles are mixed properly. Let the final mixture be fried for 5 more min. At the end sprinkle coriander leaves......And there it is.....Mouth watering Mirchi curry.


Blogger Annita said...

Hi Mrs Marthi,

Came here the comment u posted in Indira's .I'm happy that i've found another cool food blogger..Good one..Keep it up!!

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Blogger Sri said...

hi Marthi,
its a cool site..
i just made mirchi curry and it came perfect..
thank you

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