Monday, March 17, 2008

Am I that busy...............?

Well I am surprised to see that my last blog was back in Aug 22, 2007. Am I really that busy these days or am I that lazy to even spend some time for my self. I agree that I am completely occupied with my 9 month old son(Cute little Satvik - rather Nani by which I call him) who always keeps me busy. Always draws my attention towards him where I am and what ever I am doing. I know that every little baby has the right to do all sorts of naughty things and every mother is forced to bear all that. Ofcourse it is so nice when Nani tries to eat his food, trying to run behind the electronic goods, keeping all the things out of the shelves as if it was not the proper way to keep the things....what not there are tonnes of things to say abt him which makes me feel happy and proud. Sometimes I wonder, is it because that I am not able to manage my work and priorities that I feel I am busy or is it that every woman as a mother feels the same way?
On top of that I am back to my regular office which has added more work to my regular duties. God.....should I really work? This is the question some times I ask my self.....but pch there is no second answer. "Yes my dear you have to work....." this is my self conscious always answers back. Well atleast I will try to go lightly regarding my work and career until Nani is old enough to understand his maa...With all this, I think I can justify myself that "I AM BUSY..... HA HA HA" Don't you agree with me? Ofcourse you do....I know. :-)

Hey is my Cute baby having his snacks.......


Blogger Sudha said...

is that ur son...he is very cute :)

11:40 PM  
Blogger Rama said...

Satvik(Nani) is cool.

8:26 AM  

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