Tuesday, April 08, 2008

God.....Life is going on very fast

Well it's me once again these days trying to peep into my blog frequently atleast once in a month. Is it funny to say....I hope all of you readers had a very pleasant Ugadi festival. Oh I really had a great fun. With lot of home made sweets, snacks, had a wonderful time. Hey incase you are thinking that I have made all this, then you are mistaken. My MIL is also there to help me. Ofcourse most of the items were made by her only.

Again am moving back to US after a while of almost one and half years. Lot of work to do....lot of packing....lot of shopping....Added to all this, Nani(my 9 month old kid) will get into every work that I do saying that he is there to help me. Ofcourse when he sleeps I don't feel like doing any work. Since the work which normally takes one hr when he is awake will otherwise take only 10 min when he is sleeping. And I got so used to saying "Nani No....Nani No" for most of the things he does in between when I do some work that without using these words I can't work. :-)

Hey is the first day that Nani said "Amma". God...aren't the days running so fast. A small little baby sleeping all the while couple of days back hardly sleeps these days and make others also busy. I know Nani is going to be very talktive.....probably might exceed his Pinni(my sis). I hope atleast then my sis understands the pain which we undergo....Hey....dp....if you are reading this blog don't take it hard. I am just kidding. But trying to say that Nani is replacing you.

Well I really hope that I can find some time for myself once I am in US. I doubt it but still I am hoping for it. Let me see how things will be working out..... Once again Wish you all a Happy Ugadi.


Blogger Rama said...

Hope ur nani had grown up by now the article was not just good it was sweet that you shared the experience when your kid called you "amma"

8:22 AM  

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