Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What happened to "My Blog"

Well can't imagine that I didn't even look into my blog and update it for more than 4 months. Where has all the time gone. Ofcourse I know that I started this blog with so........Much enthu in food blogging....Then..........?

Well this food blog with which I started of in the blogging world had lead me to an entirely new world of blogging - one of my favorite hobbies..."Cross stitching". Wow....I came across some bloggers passion and excellency in cross stitching that these days I spend atleast 3 - 4 hours just going thru these blogs. One such blogs to which I am a regular visitor is This obviously took over my interest in food blogging. I really started admiring the talents in each and every blogger be it a cross stitch blogger....or food blogger. Lame excuse but to frankly say, most of the time I sit infront of my machine, frequent sites visited with be either food blog or Cross stitch blow. Now where will I find time in looking at my blog site.....after all this?

Well, Hope this will be a reentry into my blog world. I will try to update my blog once in a fortnight if not daily.