Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vankaya Bajji Pachchadi

Well it's long long time that I ever blogged. Ofcourse I am a regular visitor of some of the food blogs but was very lazy to blog on my own. I am on a long vacation for quite some time. Sitting at home, trying to make myself busy....busy....busy. At the same time, I feel like trying new recepies which I watch them either on TV or in the blogging world. Couple of days back I was watching one program "Maa Voori Vantalu" on one of the Telugu channel and saw the preparation of "Vanakaya Bajji Pacchchadi". Name itself sounded little different and the preparation procedure was also little different. This made me think that I should try the recepie once. And here goes the recepie for "Vankaya Bajji Pachchadi".

Ingredients -

* 3 Tender Black Brinjals(Medium Sized - Neither too small nor too big and make sure brinjals are having the stem)
* Jaggry(Bellam - around one inch piece)
* 4 Roasted Dry Chillies(Endumirapakayalu)
* Soaked Tamarind (about half a size of lemon)
* 1 tsp Jeera(Jeelakarra)
* Salt to taste
* 5 - 6 garlic cloves
* One small onion chopped to fine pieces(optional)

For Popu -

* Channa dal
* Urad dal
* Mustard seeds
* Cumin seeds
* Curry leaves
* 2 - 3 garlic cloves

Procedure: -

* Take each brinjal, coat thin layer of oil to the brinjal and directly heat it on the gas so that the brinjal gets roasted on all sides. If the brinjal is having a stem, then it is easy to hold it for turning. Each brinjal takes around 5 - 10 min for roasting. When you try to prick the brinjal with a spoon / fork, then it should find its way smoothly into the brinjal since the brinjal becomes soft on roasting. Once done allow it to cool.

(Don't worry even if the brinjal looks over heated(black outside) on roasting....inside it will be soft and tender)

* Roast the red chiillies until it turns the color slightly.

* Peel of the outer layer of the roasted brinjals and remove the stem as well. Smash the brinjals to a paste.

* Grind raosted red chillies, jeera, jaggry, tamarind and 5 - 6 garlic cloves. Once they are made into a think paste, add smashed brinjals and salt(to taste) and grind the mixture for one minute.

* Finally do the popu and add it to the grinded mixture. Here it goes Vankaya Bajji Pachchadi

* If you prefer, you can even add chopped onion pieces also to the finished pachchadi.

Well the recepie should go well with rice and ghee / rotis / chapathi.